Product Description

Meet the 2nd generation Nest Mini, the speaker you control with your voice [1]. Just say "Hey Google" to play your favourite music from Spotify, YouTube Music, and more [2]. It sounds bigger and richer with 40% stronger bass than the original Mini. [3]. Ask your Google Assistant for help, and get the best of Google – weather, news, or almost anything. Hear your personalised schedule, commute, and reminders [4]. Set timers and alarms. And even turn on the lights. Nest Mini is compatible with hundreds of smart devices, like lights, thermostats, and TVs, from brands you love [5]. It blends right into any room – on a coffee table, nightstand, or wall.

[1] Nest Mini requires a Wi-Fi network, a nearby electrical outlet, a compatible mobile device, and a Google Account.

[2] Music subscriptions may be required. Nest Mini is optimised for select music services only.

[3] Measured from 50-100 Hz at max volume

[4] Voice Match requires additional setup and enrollment, and supports up to six users. When using Voice Match, keep in mind that a voice similar to yours, or a recording of your voice, could result in Google incorrectly recognizing someone else as you

[5] Compatible smart devices required.

Top Features

Bigger sound than before

Your favourite music sounds bigger and richer on Nest Mini, 40% stronger bass than the original Mini [1]

[1] Measured from 50-100 Hz at max volume

The Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is always ready to help. [1]

Just ask and get the best of Google – weather, news or

almost anything. Set timers and alarms, make calls and more. [2]

[1] Requires an Internet connection

[2] The calling feature does not support calls to the emergency services (including 999 and 112) or premium rate numbers.

Smart Home

Control your home with your voice.

Just tell your Google Assistant to dim the lights, turn up the heat or pause the TV. [1] [2] Nest Mini works with hundreds of compatible smart devices, such as lights, thermostats or TVs, from the brands you love.

[1] Requires an Internet connection

[2] Compatible smart devices required.

Google Nest Mini (Chalk)

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