• Control your lighting from your smartphone
  • Works with Apple HomeKit / Google Assistant / Amazon Alexa
  • Dim the lights from your phone
  • Sync lights with movies and music

op features: 

- Create the perfect ambience for any mood with this twin lightbulb pack

- Philips Hue app lets you control and automate lights 

- Connect with other smart devices such as Apple HomeKit 

Create the perfect ambience

Set the mood with the Philips Hue White Ambience Wireless Bulb Twin Pack. Each bulb in this pack of two can be set to any shade of white light. Choose from a cool energising daylight that's ideal for mornings to a relaxing warm white that's perfect for evenings.

Wake up gently with Philips Hue – you can set an alarm so the bulb gradually increases in light intensity to give you the feeling of naturally waking up to sunlight.

Philips Hue app

This Wireless Bulb connects to the Bridge (sold separately) so you can control up multiple Philips Hue lights from your smartphone or tablet via the Philips Hue app.

With the app you can create schedules for your lights to switch on and off automatically, set timers, notifications, alarms, and more. Control your lights from anywhere so you never have to arrive home to darkness or worry whether you left lights on.

Connect with other smart devices

Friends of Hue lights work together and can work with other smart devices too. Compatible with Apple HomeKit, you can ask Siri to turn on your lights or recall scenes without touching a button. Philips Hue also works with other smart systems such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, Nest, and more.

You can connect Philips Hue to your wearables, including Apple Watch, Android wear, Pebble, and more. Using IFTTT you could turn on lights when you start to wake up, or when you've reached your sleep goal for the night.

Hue White Ambiance E14 Double Pack (Bluetooth)

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